Gas Heater

m gas heater


Heater Set-Up:

1. After the heater has been removed from its packaging , remove the back panel from inside the back cavity .
The lower two screws must be removed and discarded.The top two screws are loosened 1 1/2 turns only.
2. Untie the regulator from its retaining tie.
3. Place the filled gas cyclinder into the back of the heater with the valve outlet facing outwards.
4. Screw the regulator into the outlet of the gas cyclinder valve, anti- clockwise .Turn by hand only. Do not use a spanner.Screw on until the nut is fully home .

Ignition Instruction:

The heater can be regulated to three intensities : LOW, MEDIUM and piezo-electric push button.different heat
♦ open the valve on the gas -Cylinder 1 1/2 turns.

♦ Press down and turn the control knob to Low position and hold for 10 seconds.

♦ While still pressing down the control knob , press once or twice on the ignition button until the pilot light ignites at the bottom of the burner. continue to hold the control knob down for another 10-15 seconds more. If on releasing the button , the pilot flame goes out  repeat the operation.



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Product Description


Your LPG heater is a safe , efficient form of heating when used correctly.

Read and fully understand these instructions before operating your heater . If you do not understand the instructions , please  contact your Dealer for advice before using the heater.

You should have purchased a suitable gas cylinder with this heater . This cyclinder should be a 9kg normal outlet on the valve. The cyclinder will require purging of air the first time it is filled , to ensure correct operation of the heater . This should be carried out by the filling station . your cyclinder will be checked for safe operation each time it is filled by an authorised filling station .



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